Sponsorship Opportunities


Business-to-consumer and experiential marketing prove to be the most effectives tool for sponsors. Monster Trucks attract families and truck enthusiasts who are passionate about the events. Our shows are a great opportunity to align your business with the awesome experience of the fans. Packages are available for every marketing budget and include an unprecedented list of opportunities for our marketing partners.

Sponsorships put your brand visuals in front of large audiences in various ways.

Customers will see you front and center supporting their passion, and as a result will form positive opinions of your business.

Forming an emotional connection is half the battle of building brand loyalty. By attending in person, as a featured sponsor, you can learn about customers, promote your products, and build a mailing list.


Whether you plan to sell or not, events are about starting quality relationships. The benefits of event sponsorship are endless if you put in the effort to forge connections.

Event sponsorships provide fresh material to expand your social media content strategy. Popular events get a lot of engagement, which you can use to create content themes or promote your own hashtags. Even better, event promotion doesn’t end with sponsors.


The Monster Truck Show audience represents families passionate about finding activities and ways to spend time together. They are a bold, active and constantly looking for family-oriented and exciting ways to fill their time. As a sponsor, your brand will connect with your target market face-to-face in a high-energy, meaningful atmosphere.


Family of four: Children 3-12 yrs.

Household Income: $30K-$75K

Decision Maker: Male 18-45 yrs.


60% Adults Age 21-48

52% Male-48% Female

59% are married

24% children under 18

Avg. home income $70,000

96% are high school graduates

30% have some college 

18% are college graduates

55% of fans attend annually

48% enjoy outdoor activities

44% are white collar workers

53% exercise or play sports



  • Logo on Promotional Materials
  • Television Ads
  • Online & Local Radio Advertising
  • Social Media Inclusion on Facebook and Instagram
  • Website Name/Logo Presence with Links/Banner Ads
  • Event Poster Inclusion


  • Entry/Exit/Custom Banners/Digital Signage
  • Branded Racing Lanes
  • Live Event Mentions
  • Display Space
  • Sampling and Couponing
  • Product Sales & Display



  • Tickets, VIP and Hospitality Passes
  • Special meet and greet with the drivers
  • VIP/Corporate Private Hospitality Area
  • Monster truck display the week prior (at your location)


  • Event naming rights
  • Truck Sponsor
  • Pit Party Sponsor